You’ve found that perfect pair of designer prescription glasses. They’re comfortable, effective, and most importantly they look great!  If you’re still on the fence about which pair of designer prescription glasses would look great on you, check out this article from Vogue discussing the latest fashions in eyewear.

Once you’ve decided which pair of glasses you want, you’re going to want to take good care of them.  Don’t worry. With a little care and the right materials, keeping your spectacles looking new is easy. Check our our handy list of ways to keep your eyeglasses in tiptop shape:

Spray Cleaners

Chemical cleaning sprays for glasses can be quite the boon for keeping your glasses clean and clear.  Always be careful to use cleaners that are formulated especially for designer prescription glasses.  Avoid household cleaners that contain ammonia. Harsh cleaners like ammonia break down any coatings you have had added to your lenses.

Holding Your Glasses the Right Way

When cleaning your glasses, be mindful of where you hold them.  The best place to hold your glasses is by the bridge.  Holding your glasses by the arms or the frames of the lenses could cause you to accidentally bend them while you’re cleaning the lenses.  Not only would it be a shame to bend a pair of designer prescription glasses, but bent glasses may affect the way the lenses bring objects into focus, as well as being uncomfortable to wear.


Before you get down to really cleaning your glasses, it’s always smart to rinse them off first.  During the day, small particles of dust and dirt will settle onto the lenses, and rubbing a cloth on the glasses could create scratches.


Air drying is always the best way to dry your glasses after cleaning.  Air drying is another step you can take to prevent anything from getting onto the lenses. Clear lenses are your guarantee of cleanest and clearest vision possible.  If you don’t have time to air dry your glasses, it’s important to use a lint-free, clean cloth.

Select Your Cleaning Cloth Wisely

When you do not have time to air dry your glasses, and you must use a cloth, it’s important to use the right kind of cloth. Using your shirt, paper towels, or even tissues is not recommended. Regardless of how soft they feel, these materials have a surface texture that’s bound to hold grit and scratch your glasses. Buy a handful of wipes made especially for eyeglasses, and keep them handy.

Store Your Specs Wisely

It’s smart to store your glasses in a case when you’re not using them.  Storing your glasses in a case not only prevents dust and dirt from getting to your lenses, it also guards against major scratches, bending, and even breaking the lenses. You can keep a clean lens wipe cloth right inside the case to make sure you always have one when you need it. If you prefer a soft lens case, you can wrap the glasses in the cloth before you slide them in for extra safety.

Wash Them Frequently

You should wash your glasses frequently. Don’t wait until your glasses start to look dirty, or obscure your vision. Washing your glasses at least once a day will do wonders to extend the life of your lenses. Sparkling clean lenses and frames will also show off your designer prescription glasses to their best effect, too. When your glasses are perfectly clean, you reduce the strain on your eyes trying to see through the dirt and smudges.

Watch Where You Put Them

Finally, never lay your glasses lens down when they’re folded for storage.  If you must set your glasses down, the best way is with the arms open to keep the lenses from touching a hard surface. If you must put them down while they’re folded, make doubly sure that the lenses are facing up.

Where To Buy Designer Prescription Glasses

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, drop by Hoff Optometry and Eyewear to see the latest styles in designer frames. The friendly staff will make sure you end up with glasses that let you see great, and make you look great!

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