It’s no secret that your eyes are important. They’re also very vulnerable. Even so, studies show that over 90 percent of eye injuries in the workplace could have been prevented simply by wearing safety glasses. More than one million people in the US suffer from injuries that can easily be prevented with the right kind of protective eyewear. However, workplace injuries are not the only danger your eyes face.

Always Wear Safety Eyewear

Many people think safety glasses are only for working with heavy machinery but that’s not true. Any time you’re cutting, or using rotary tools like a Dremel you should wear ANSI rated safety eyewear. There are also many sports such as Airsoft and paintball that require safety glasses or goggles. Even if you don’t like wearing safety glasses, it’s not worth the risk of an object flying up and damaging your eyes.
While wearing the right kind of safety glasses go a long way toward protecting your eyes, there are many ways you can damage your eyes without even knowing it. There are many factors, from diet to lifestyle that can damage your vision.


Avoid Bright Lights

Most people know that bright lights are damaging to your retinas. They may cause temporary or even permanent blindness. However, bright light is a vague term and you may not realize what counts as a bright light. The sun is an obvious bright light, as are flashlights. However, headlights, street lamps, even disco lights all qualify as bright lights. To make matters worse, these lights are common in toys and other things you’ll find in the office or around the house. To avoid damage from these lights, your best choice is to use eyewear that has high quality anti-reflective lenses.


Avoid Common Hazards

Bright lights are not the only common hazard to your vision. There are lots of items you wouldn’t even think of as a danger to your eyes. This list includes items like knives, scissors, hangers, fishhooks, and darts. Don’t forget the danger firecrackers pose. Most people don’t even think of the damage a firecracker can do until it’s too late. While wearing safety eyewear will protect your eyes, you want to remember the dangers these types of hazards present in situations that you wouldn’t wear safety glasses. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your most important sense.


Don’t forget Nature’s Biggest Threat

You’ll hear a lot about the dangers digital devices and screens can cause to your eyes, however the biggest threat has never changed. The sun is always there, throwing down dangerous UV rays that are hard to detect. It’s important to always protect your eyes. Don’t go outside without a good pair of sunglasses. If you wear prescription eyewear, you can either buy a pair of prescription sunglasses, or get progressive lens coatings for your glasses.


With today’s technology, safety glasses and prescription eyewear comes in many styles and designs. You can find the right pair of eyewear for you so you don’t have to compromise style or safety. Never forget to protect your eyes, and your eyes will thank you.

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