At Hoff Optometry and Eyewear, our great service begins with great eye exams. Regular eye exams are crucial to maintaining good eye health, and they can sometimes catch overall health problems that don’t exhibit obvious symptoms. Your eyesight is precious, and you can count on Doctor Hoff and his staff to properly examine your eyes and make you aware of any impairment that might become moreserious if left untreated. Hoff Optometry offers complete eye care services, and they offer many different treatment options that will help avoid vision loss, and can even restore existing vision loss in many cases. Don’t just settle for any vision center. Come in to Hoff Optometry to get the finest eye care in the Los Angeles area.

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Initial Eye Exam Consultation

Your first eye exam with Dr. Hoff will explore any issues you might have with your eyesight, and go over any medications you might be taking. He’ll also ask you about more than just your eye health. Dr. Hoff takes your overall health and family history into account in order to make the best possible recommendations for your eyewear. Don’t be nervous about answering a lot of questions, however. Dr. Hoff and his staff will make your trip to his eye clinic as low-key and friendly as possible while delivering the complete eye care you and your family deserve.

Vision Eye Care Testing

Once Dr. Hoff has made a medical evaluation of your eye health, you’ll undergo a few simple tests to determine your visual acuity. Regular assessments of your ability to see are important to make sure your prescription glasses, frames, or contact lenses are right for you. In some cases, simple eye exercises can also help you with vision problems.

Eye Function Tests Help Even More

Hoff Optometry and Eyewear goes the extra mile to ensure patients get the most from their eye exams. In addition to visual acuity tests, Dr. Hoff will assess important vision function like depth perception, peripheral vision, and the reaction of your eyes to light. Proper eyesight relies on a complex interaction between your eyes and the muscles that move them, and Dr. Hoff will be able to make sure your
eyes are able to move and focus properly. He’ll also be on the lookout for underlying conditions that would affect your ability to see perfectly. Comprehensive eye exams also include dilated retinal examinations, refraction tests, and a glaucoma screening. If you’re a candidate for LASIK, Dr. Hoff can also perform corneal topography imaging that maps the curvature of the cornea.

Eye Care for Good Eye Health

The California Optometric Association recommends that everyone should have a thorough eye exam once a year. That’s because perfect vision doesn’t just mean that you can see clearly at certain distances. If you’re suffering from unexplained headaches, encountering eyestrain even if you wear your glasses, or notice blurred vision after reading for only a short while, you might benefit from an eye exam from Dr. Hoff. You may need a more thorough course of vision therapy than just a new set of glasses. Dr. Hoff will test your tracking, your ability to change focus from far to near, depth perception, and near vision acuity in order to suggest the right eyewear along with the right vision therapy for you.

If you’re a student, professional, or knowledge worker who notices a shortening of your attention span, it could be as simple as a problem with your eyesight. Good eyesight is much more than just seeing things clearly. You must be able to quickly recognize and interpret many kinds of visual information and process it in your brain. Great eyesight is the bedrock foundation of the ability to read and understand. Hoff Optometry will make sure your eyesight is as sharp as it can be, and fit you with the perfect frames to help you look sharp, too. If your child is lagging behind at school, it might be an indication of an eye problem that could be easily corrected. Hoff Optometry wants to be your family eye care provider in the Venice area.

Don’t Settle

When you’re in the market for designer glasses, there’s no reason to be forced to choose between stylish eyewear and expert eye care. Hoff Optometry and Eyewear has a beautifully curated collection of glasses and frames from the most sought-after designers, and they also give their customers the most effective and thorough eye exams you’ll find anywhere.

To make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam, contact Hoff Optometry and Eyewear at (310) 452-4633, or by email at They’re conveniently located at 1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California.