Everyone has a unique personal style. It’s reflected in your hairstyle and your eyeglasses. The problem is making sure that these two don’t clash. The safest way to make every day a good hair day is to match your glasses and your hairstyle. Use these helpful suggestions to make sure that your designer eyewear works with, not against your hairstyle:


Short Hair

Image: Barton Perreira

For shorter hair like a pixie cut, it’s nice to pick out designer eyewear that frames your face in the same way your haircut does. Thick, bold, black frames are perfect for this look. They are both sleek and stylish while accentuating your facial features.

Medium Length Hair

Image: Bevel

If you have a medium length style haircut, you can have some fun by  adding color to your choice of glasses frames. You can find unique metallic colors in green and blue from the Bevel collection. A narrow rectangular style frame will also make your eyes pop with color.

Long & Straight

Image: Leisure Society

Sleek and fashionable designer frames complement long straight hair. Choose a professional looking, slender pair of glasses to complete this look. Leisure Society offers many frames that coordinate well at the office or when you’re out and about. This pair of glasses from Leisure Society even has a classy retro feel to them.

Curls of All Lengths

Image: Anne et Valentin

Curly hair can be tough to manage, but don’t let that stop you from flaunting it with a pair of boutique glasses. Oval shaped glasses look best with bouncy curls. Anne et Valentin offers various off-the-beaten-path oval style glasses, like this edgy oval framed pair.

Wavy Hair

Image: Lindberg

A pair  of browline designer eyewear adds sophistication, yet plays into the whole bohemian look that wavy hair offers. This tortoiseshell pair frame from Lindberg is perfect to achieve the look. It features a heavy browline at the top, and a metal floating frame towards the bottom.


Image: Allied Metal Works

If you are going to make a statement with your hairstyle for an evening look or special occasion, what not let your designer glasses do the same. The angular lines of ‘cat eye’ frames juxtaposed with an updo bring attention to your hairstyle. Allied Metal Works features this powerful cat eye frame.



Image: Drift

For no fuss short hair, choose a pair of designer frames that make a statement. High-end eyewear with an urban look have always looked good together. This pair of designer frames from Drift even adds a little extra touch with the wood look to the sides of the frame.


Image: Clayton Franklin

You’ll look debonair with these sophisticated square tortoiseshell designer frames from Clayton Franklin. Men with medium-length hair are lucky that they can go with many different styles of designer eyewear.


Image: Clayton Franklin

Vintage inspired designer frames may be the pair you are looking for if you have a long hair style. Another selection from Clayton Franklin, this pair of designer frames are perfect for a retro vibe, yet will not take attention away from your long locks.

Pick Hoff Optometry for Designer Eyewear

Hoff Optometry is a leading supplier of designer eyewear. They will also help you choose the perfect style of luxury eyewear for your unique look.  If you’re in the Venice Beach, Santa Monica and West LA area, plan a visit with them today!

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