I wrote a blurb today about eye health over at JC|Report, I hope you find it informative:

According to Dr. James Hoff, optometrist and owner of the recently opened Hoff Optometry and Eyewear in Venice, CA, it’s essential to take care of your vision. “Repeated facial movements and motions are major contributing factors in the development and forming of wrinkles,” he explains. Other than ensuring prescription lenses are well-maintained and updated, pay attention to everyday habits to be aware of the things that impact your vision. Staring at a computer screen, however, tends to cause squinting and repeated blinking due to the monitor’s bright light and heat. This seemingly minor action is very dehydrating for the eyes and the skin around them. Dr. Hoff also recommends taking 3-5 thousand milligrams of a sustainable fish oil or flax seed oil daily to aid in the superficial production of moisture for the eyes and the skin.

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