Hoff Optometry & Eyewear is on a mission. We want to determine exactly who wore the most iconic and influential pair of sunglasses ever seen in the movies. There’s a small problem. There have been literally hundreds of movies featuring fantastic pairs of designer eyewear shades,  all worn by the biggest stars in Hollywood. That makes it nearly impossible to choose just one.

That’s why we invited some of the most stylish of style bloggers in Los Angeles to help us out. Los Angeles is one of the most important fashion centers in the United States. It’s also the home of the movie industry, so the opinions of style bloggers in Los Angeles are doubly influential. We supplied a list of ten earthshaking example of sunglasses in the movies, and asked who wore the most influential and iconic pair of shades ever to appear in a movie:

The Contestants:

1. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Oliver Goldsmith Wayfarers)
2. Cary Grant in North By Northwest (tortoiseshell or nothing)
3. Kristin Davis in Sex and the City (Salt Nikki)
4. Ryan Gosling in Drive (Selima Optique)
5. Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise (Barton Perreira. Cat eye makes a comeback)
6. Brad Pitt in Fight Club (Oliver Peoples 523)
7. Everyone in Reservoir Dogs (What kind of Ray-Bans do you want?)
8. Jean Reno in Leon the Professional (the rebirth of round lenses in designer eyewear)
9. Diane Keaton in Annie Hall ( big, round, tortoiseshell Palomas)
10.Tom Cruise in Top Gun (Ray-Ban Caravan)

Phew, that’s the sort of list that starts fights in man caves and day spas alike. Any one of our entries is worthy of our trophy. Luckily, our style bloggers are ready to weigh in to explain which one should be the champ.

Style Bloggers To the Rescue

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

First, let’s ask Rebecca of Red Tag Chic Los Angeles  what she thinks. Rebecca is as smart as she is stylish, with a CPA to go along with perfect accessorizing:

“Sunglasses being part of who I am at the blog and beyond – I would think that Ray-Ban aviators (yes Tom Cruise you got it right!) will always be a Hollywood & street style favorite!”


Next up, Erin Perez Hagstrom from Calivintage. Erin brings here design smarts to fashion, interior decor, and lifestyle questions. Her (stylish, natch) blog documents, in her words, “The life + style of a California girl (& new mom) with a love for everything vintage.” Let’s see if vintage specs catch her eye:

“Ooh, tough call, but I’m gonna have to go with Jean Reno in The Professional. Not only was that an awesome movie, but I’m really enjoying that the ’90s have made a comeback. Next pair of glasses I get will definitely be of the round, wire-framed variety!”

Tales of Endearment

Natalie Joos from Tales of Endearment is a globetrotter. Born in Belgium, she called New York City home before recently moving to Los Angeles. She belongs in Tinseltown, with a successful casting company on her resume right after impeccable style sense. She’s also a self-described fan of vintage styles, so maybe you could guess her answer:

“I choose 1. (Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at TIffany’s)because I actually own those sunglasses and wear them often. : – )”

Modern Ensemble

Let’s hear from Jennifer Wilson at Modern Ensemble. She’s got a dynamite website with more style on it than Cary Grant’s speed dial. Jennifer likes all things modern, avant garde, and contemporary. Don’t look now, but Audrey Hepburn is pulling into the lead:

“Hands down, without a question, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!  That scene with her in the large black cat eye frames is iconic and to be honest I bought a pair of Celine Audrey glasses just because I loved that movie and look so much.  Truly a classic look that will never go out of style. ”

The Style Riot

Let’s check in with Katie Arnold of The Style Riot. Katie has in international outlook, with stints in Paris, New York, and San Francisco before returning to her L.A. roots. Her fashion blog covers fashion, travel, fitness and food — and sunglasses:

“Audrey Hepburn is timeless beauty and class with a touch of sass. She is full of personality yet mysterious at the same time. I love her Oliver Goldsmith Wayfarers in Breakfast at Tiffany’s because, like her, they are elegant and practically perfect in every way. ”

Hoff Optometry & Eyewear

Our survey is turning into a rout for elegant Audrey. But our style survey wouldn’t be complete without the opinion of a man who really knows designer eyewear, our own Dr. James Hoff. Hoff Optometry is located on uber-stylish Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, so James knows style when he sees it. Let’s see what a man who sells stylish designer eyewear for a living thinks:

“Thelma & Louise…..Vogue recently did a editorial shoot with Taylor Swift inspired by this movie that featured Barton Perreira.  Cat-Eyes make a woman look & feel sexy!”

The Envelope Please

Well, there you have it. The ballots are in. Six of the most clued-in style authorities in Los Angeles have spoken, and while there are a range of interesting answers, one thing is clear: designer eyewear giant Oliver Goldsmith owes Audrey Hepburn about a zillion dollars for wearing one of his creations in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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