Getting a new pair of eye glasses from a family eye care specialist is exciting for a child. This is especially true if it’s the first time they get designer prescription glasses. There’s a lot of decisions to be made before they can admire their new specs in the mirror, however. Here are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a pair of eye glasses for your child:

Select the Right Frame Material

Most children’s eye glasses come in one of three frame materials: wood, metal or plastic. If your child is sensitive to certain plants, metals, or plastics, make sure you tell your family eye care professional.  That way, they can steer you away from any problems when you choose frames for your child’s designer eyewear.

Each frame material differs in durability. Metal is the most durable of all the frame materials, but it tends to be heavier than other materials. Plastic frames are a good balance between weight and durability. Plastic frames also tend to be less expensive than other materials. Wood frames are more delicate than plastic or metal frames, but have become more trendy and stylish for designer eyewear.

Choose Quality Lenses

Children are tough on eye glasses. You’ll get the most value for your family eye care dollar if you choose durable lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are an excellent choice for children’s glasses. The manufacturer can apply a scratch-resistant coating that offers extra protection at a very moderate cost. Polycarbonate lenses also offer complete UV protection built into the lenses themselves. It’s a great way to be sure that your child’s eyes are well protected. Polycarbonate lenses can be a little more expensive than standard eye glasses lenses, but they are well worth the price for the additional protection they give.

Let Your Child Choose a Style and Color

Within limits, it’s fun to let your child choose a style and color that suits their personality. To avoid problems with really unsuitable choices, start by selecting several different styles that you think are appropriate. Then you can let your child choose their favorite from the styles you selected. If you find a frame that looks suitable, you’re only halfway home. Most styles come in a variety of colors. When selecting colors,  hair color can have a big effect on what will look best for your child. Eye color can also influence the overall look of your child’s glasses.

It’s smart to avoid obsessing about the color and style of your child’s eyeglasses. The final goal is simply to get your child excited to wear them. Some children may be self-conscious about wearing glasses, especially for the first time. You can help by looking up your child’s favorite celebrities who wear glasses to inspire your selections. This is a great way to let them know that glasses do not make them look ‘uncool’. You can also ask your family eye care professional about exciting options for your child’s eye glasses, like photochromic lenses that automatically darken when they are outdoors.

Buy a Backup Pair of Eye Glasses

Most family eye care specialists agree that it’s a good idea to have a spare set of eye glasses available. This is especially true for children, who can be prone to breaking or losing their eye glasses. A backup pair does not have to be fancy.  They just have to be good enough so the child can continue to see properly.  If you have a second pair on hand, you can avoid rushing to replace a broken or misplaced pair.

In addition to buying a backup pair of glasses, you can help teach your children to properly care for their designer eyewear. For example, when your child is not wearing their eye glasses, they should always keep them in a case.  This will keep their spectacles well protected. Also, you can teach your child to look before they sit down.  That way, they’ll be sure not to accidentally sit on their new glasses.

Visit Your Family Eye Care Professional Regularly

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