On She Knows, I give some advice on some simple but effective ways you can upgrade a man’s look:


Switching to contacts or simply updating a man’s eyeglass frames can do wonders for his look. Dr. James Hoff, owner of the new Hoff Optometry and Eyewear in Venice Beach, explains: “In selecting eyewear, go for a shape that is different than your facial shape. If you have a strong jaw or cheekbones, round and oval frames may look best. With rounder faces, a frame with more angles will probably complement your features. Geek or bold chunky styles are really current right now, but don’t choose a style over something that complements your particular looks.” Even if your guy doesn’t have poor vision, he probably wears shades. Hoff continues, “With sunglasses, remember that, often, a lens that is a little lighter still allows the opposite sex to see your eyes while you’re wearing them. The eyes are the window to the soul, but you have to see them first.”


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