Proper eye care is important if you wear contact lenses. Your path to improved eyesight, convenience, and comfort doesn’t end with your contact lens exam. Using proven methods for good contact lens care promotes all day lens comfort. You need to be aware of  how to use, handle, and clean your contacts to get the best results.

If you regularly wear contacts, you’re likely to have a good sense of how long you can wear your contact lenses before they start to feel uncomfortable. Maybe you left your contacts in for too long and your eyes feel tired. Your eyes could feel itchy as a result of not properly cleaning your contacts or as a sign of needing a better contact lens solution. For new contact lens wearers, these signs might not be so obvious.

Try these helpful tips to keep your contacts clean, your eyes healthy, and to promote comfortable contact lens use. Your eyes will forever thank you!

Keep Your Hands Clean

Every time you handle your contacts, or touch your eyes, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water first. Germs are easily transferred from your hands to both your contact lenses and your contact lens case.

Washing is only half the battle. Be sure to completely dry your hands on a clean towel that doesn’t create extra lint. Lint from some drying surfaces could easily get on your contacts and irritate your eyes when your contacts are in, leading to uncomfortable contact wear.

Use a Great Contact Lens Solution

Comfortable contact wear begins with using a great contact lens solution. Some solutions are specifically marketed for all-day comfort. Next time you are at the supermarket, look for different contact lens solutions brands until you find one that works the best . The solution should also be labeled as disinfecting. When cleaning, rub contacts with the solution and clean hands. Never use water or saliva to clean or store your contacts.

Carry a Spare Pair of Glasses

You may find that over-wearing your contacts will cause your eyes to feel tired or irritated. Wearing contacts all the time increases the risk for eye infections and complications. You’ll be less likely to leave your contact lenses in too long if you always have a pair of eyeglasses handy.

Keeping an extra pair of glasses close at hand is a great way to reduce your chances of strain and health risk to your eyes. You can store your glasses in a convenient place such as the glove compartment in a car, a messenger bag that you carry around with you, or a fashionable glass case in your purse. That makes it much easier to give your eyes a break at home, when reading at a coffee shop, or whenever you feel most comfortable not wearing them.

Don’t Sleep Wearing Contact Lenses

If you have had a long day, it can be easy to forget to take your contacts out before going to bed. This common mistake is bad for the health of your eyes. Sleeping with your contacts in increases the risk of eye infections by 4 or 5 times.

If you need help remembering, keep an alarm on your phone that goes off close to your usual bedtime to remind you to remove your contacts before going to sleep.

Keep Your Contact Lens Case Super Clean

It’s just as important to keep your contact lens case clean as it is to keep your contact lenses clean. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget your case. Be sure to rinse your lenses and contact lens case with contact lens solution to prevent the buildup of biofilms. It is also a good practice to replace your contact lens case every 3 months.

Replace Contacts as Recommended

Contacts can be prescribed for varying times of use. Some contacts are safe to wear daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Your eye doctor will be able to inform you of how long you can wear your prescribed contacts before they need replacement. Always be sure to replace contacts as prescribed by your optometrist.

Use Clean Solution Every Time

When storing your contacts, use fresh contact lens disinfecting solution every time. Never mix old and new solution, or dilute it with regular water. Contact lens-associated infections have been associated with mixing old and new solutions.

Regular Contact Lens Exam

Optometrists recommend yearly contact lens exams. Following these tips and booking your annual appointment will ensure the comfort and health of your eyes as a regular contact lens user.

Hoff Optometry can help you schedule a fast, convenient contact lens exam whenever you need one. Hoff Optometry contact lens exams are comprehensive, and they include contact lens fitting as well as prescription management. Call today to make an appointment!

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