Have you heard of designer eyewear with screwless hinges for glasses frames? This fairly recent development in the manufacture of eyeglasses has opened up new possibilities for everyone who wears glasses. Instead of dealing with frames where the hinge screw gets too loose, new designs for hinges offer more secure options.  One of the key elements of good eye care for those who prefer frames to contacts is making sure that the eyewear stays in place.

How Eyeglass Hinges Work

Hinges on eyeglasses are simple devices, but make glasses much more convenient to use and carry. You can fold eyeglasses for storage and open them for use dozens of times a day.  Standard hinges are made of tiny barrels that slide together and then are held in place by a small screw.  This arrangement lets the arms of the glasses (also called temples) fold in when not in use and out when the owner wears them. They work on the same basic principle as a door hinge. They are durable when you consider the size of their parts, but when glasses are used constantly, it’s inevitable that the hinge screws will loosen up eventually.

Prescription glasses frames with screwless hinges use spring hinges instead of barrel bolts to flex at the temples. The springs give a bit more of a snug fit to the temples of the frames. This quality makes this type of frame very desirable for sports activities. They also do not run the risk of having the screw work its way out of the hinge.

You could even get designer eyewear that have no hinges at all. Hingeless frames are manufactured to fit your head snugly without any further adjustments. They’re designed for intense activity, and they are frequently made from strong metals like titanium. They’re more expensive to repair than conventional eyeglasses.

Choosing Designer Eyewear With Screwless Hinges

If you are looking for designer eye wear that offers you the advantages of frames with screwless hinges, there are many choices available to you. Many glasses designers include screwless hinges in their collections. Look for stylish selections from makers like Mykita or Lindberg.

Gone are the days when glasses frames looked awkward and clunky. Now you can select eyewear that flatters the shape of your face. Your bright eyes can smile at the world through lightweight lenses instead of the old, dreaded super-thick lenses. If you have a highly active life-style, choosing frames with screwless hinges will give you the assurance that they will stay on your face during activity.

Designer Eyewear for an Active Lifestyle

Hoff Optometry offers a wide selection of designer glasses for our clients. There’s no need to choose your eye glasses frames simply for practical considerations like durability. It’s easy to find stylish frames that are as practical as they are good-looking. Eyeglasses sporting screwless hinges are especially suited to the active Southern California lifestyle. Contact Hoff Optometry & Eyewear to schedule a visit today!

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