Nearly everyone who wears glasses eventually has the unfortunate experience of breaking their glasses. No matter how inexpensive the eye glasses you wear, it’s still a frustrating experience to break your favorite pair. Here are a few tips from to help you prevent your next pair of glasses from breaking:

Check Your Seat Before You Sit

It may seem like common sense, but people sitting on their glasses is one of the biggest reasons why people break their glasses. Get into the habit of checking the seat before you sit down. That way, you can make sure your precious glasses aren’t there waiting for you to crush them.

Keep Glasses In a Case When They’re Not On Your Face

Most eye glasses come with a handy case. Unfortunately, most people tend to forget to put them back in their case when they’re not using them. If you have a tendency to lose or misplace your eye glasses case, try buying several inexpensive cases. You can place them where you normally set your eye glasses down. Remember, an eye glasses case costs much less than prescription glasses frames!

Remove Your Eye Glasses With Care

If you take off your eye glasses by one earpiece, you will wind up bending the earpiece backward. You will also stress the joint that connects the earpiece to your frames. Try not to remove your designer eyewear by holding just one of the earpieces. Instead, grasp each earpiece, one in each hand, and then remove your glasses straight out. Don’t forget to put them back in your case!

No Loose Screws Here

You can purchase an eyeglass kit from any number of stores or your local optometrist. These contain a small screwdriver that’s perfect for adjusting your eye glasses. Keep it handy to tighten the screws on your prescription glasses frames to keep them tight. You can make a “pocket” out of tape on your eye glasses case to hold the screwdriver. That way it will always have a place nearby, and you won’t lose it.

Your Eye Glasses Should Look Cool, and Stay Cool

Eye Glasses frames can be affected by extreme heat and cold. Extreme temperatures can weaken the prescription glasses frames and make your eye glasses more susceptible to damage. Try not to leave your designer eyewear in your car or outside on very hot or very cold days.

Change Your Frame To Fit Your Game

Many people like to work out often, or enjoy playing sports, but still need eye glasses to see. If you’re one of them, consider purchasing frames and lenses specifically designed for robust activity. Ask your optometrist about impact resistant frames to minimize the chance of your eye glasses frames breaking during energetic athletic sessions. You can also fit your designer glasses with specially coated lenses that are scratch resistant. This will help keep your lenses looking like new longer.

Even if you do not play sports, a busy lifestyle can lead to problems with broken eye glasses. Consider purchasing eye glasses frames with a special material called memory metal. Frame designers make them out of a special metallic alloy that you can bend and twist but they still pop right back into shape. Talk to your eye doctor about memory metal frames if you’re tired of replacing your frames every time you sit on them.

Talk to the Eye Care Experts

It’s hard to keep track of all the latest innovations in the eye care industry. It’s smart to speak to your eye care specialist to see what options are best suited for you and your lifestyle. Hoff Optometry in Venice has an expert staff that can help you choose your frames and lenses wisely. They’ll also be happy to help you if you don’t choose where you sit as wisely as you should. Hoff Optometry is always happy to help you keep your eye glasses clean, fitting properly, and looking like new for as long as you own them. And that is something your eyes will definitely thank you for!

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